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About Big Data research in the Netherlands

Big Data plays an increasingly important role in the innovation of services, products, work processes and revenue models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data, Dutch economic growth is strengthened.

Big Data is a broadly applicable tool with an impact on all sectors of our society. Organisations are acquiring ever larger amounts of data from their own processes. These data are collected, stored and exchanged, both within and outside the organisation.

Latest news

Commit2Data at ICT.OPEN 2022
After a hiatus caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we finally had the option of meeting each other again at ICT.OPEN in Amsterdam. We, unfortunately, had to cancel our workshop 'Turn your science into reality on the first day....
14 April 2022
Project update: Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience
Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience (DRSR) is an interesting research project, where data science and social science come together. The research explores rhythm as a new methodology for policymaking, with the goal of strengthening the sharing of ...
15 March 2022
DATAREL: project update
The DATAREL project started in 2018 and includes several work packages, covering the whole process from data collection to concrete changes in logistics processes....
14 February 2022

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