Valorisatie- en disseminatieactiviteiten

Within the more than 60 Commit2Data research projects, there appears to be a lot of potential for further development into actual services or products. To support the valorisation process, the valorisation programme was designed. This Commit2data programme is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Environment and started at the end of 2019. The programme has a multi-level approach. Whereby we can both deploy broad generic instruments and work towards customisation per research consortium.

Approach to valorisation

Diagram valorisatie en disseminatie activiteiten

In the top pillar, for example, we organise master classes on valorisation, which cover subjects such as intellectual property, setting up spin-offs, knowledge transfers, financing, etc.

The valorisation coach Arie Brouwer is the pivot in the valorisation approach chain. From thematically oriented meetings with the Commit2Data research groups, guidance trajectories arise with individual project consortia. In these trajectories, the connection with all kinds of experts allows choices to be made regarding the most promising concepts. In addition, processes concerning further development and financing, finding new (market) partners and making legal agreements can be supervised.


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