Smart Culture

The Smart Culture programme stems from the 'Roadmap SMART Culture'. The aim of this Roadmap is to further develop and strengthen the knowledge base for the creative industry.

This is done by increasing the research opportunities in the fields of media, art and culture, and heritage in relation to social and economic issues and by enabling critical reflection on spatial and social developments. In doing so, research at the product or service level is explicitly linked to research at the sectoral and societal level.

Art, culture and creativity are simultaneously the subject of and driving force behind the creative industry. The research can take place both on the level of products and services, and on that of a sector or of society as a whole.

Preferably the research addresses the connection between these levels. It is in line with the policy intentions of the National Regieorgaan for Practical Research SIA (NRPO SIA); in terms of content the subject is in line with the NWA route Arts: Research and Innovation in the 21st Century.


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