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Big Data continues to play a larger role in the innovation of services, products, working processes and earnings models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data the Dutch economic growth is strengthened. To further develop the use of Big Data, Commit2Data was created: a multi-year national research and innovation program on the basis of a public-private partnership (PPP).

Innovation requires advanced knowledge and cooperation

Commit2Data offers an excellent opportunity to explore new business models and opportunities. The growing international program focuses on specific application areas, such as Smart Industry, energy issues, challenges in health care and logistics, that uses three primary program lines: research, valorisation and dissemination.

Commit2Data focusses on the development of new calls and themes throughout 2017.

Within research the focus will be on multi-year public-private partnerships between science and business. Within valorisation and dissemination the focus will be on short-term projects with knowledge partners. With that, Commit2Data offers opportunities for science as well as for large companies, small and medium enterprises and the government.

Starting points of Commit2Data

Sectoral Commit2Data calls are about the application possibilities of Big Data within a specific domain. When implementing the calls the reusability of methods and concepts in relation to other domains are taken into account.

Within the Commit2Data program valorisation begins already at the front of a call, which means that the needs of (clusters of) companies are mapped out at the beginning of the trajectory by coordinators and that these are included in the implementation of the study. Participating companies can also have a say in the content control if businesses co-program and co-finance.

Big Data Hubs

Commit2Data reaches and serves specific ecosystems through Big Data Hubs. A hub can fully focus itself on the development of a sector in order to establish a connection with economic clusters in the region and regional field labs.

The Big Data Hubs are a pre-competitive environment where researchers, SMEs and large companies collaborate short-cycle on real use cases. The hubs are the regional location where audited data can be safely shared and converted to information for various user groups.

Commit2Data ambitions:

  • Breakthrough in applications
  • Stimulation through excellence in research
  • Applying research in public-private partnerships
  • Reinforcing the involvement of small medium businesses
  • Developing more talent: more data specialists on all levels
  • Increasing data knowledge and applications in The Netherlands

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Het Commit2Data programma

In order to further develop the use of big data, Commit2Data has been created. Commit2Data is a multi-year national research and innovation programme based on public-private partnerships (PPPs), aimed at cross-sector collaboration on big data issues. By bringing together science and business, Commit2Data offers an excellent opportunity to discover new business models and opportunities.

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