Smart Industry

The Dutch Smart Industry initiative aims to stimulate the use of existing, and the development of new, ICT within all aspects of the industrial value chain in order to achieve the development of smart processes, services and products.

CT plays a key role within Smart Industry due to the fact that matters such as design, production, ordering, inventory and delivery are optimised by ICT applications.

Smart Industry goes beyond technology. It opens the door for completely new business models. If the manufacturing industry not only wants to be adept at generic mass production, but also wants to master the serial production of unique items, this requires a totally different organisation. Production processes must also be set up in such a way that they can be specified according to the wishes of the consumer. And people and machines will have to work together in a different way.

NWO is making 3.4 million euros available on the basis of public-private partnerships to further support research and development in this area.


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