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About Big Data research in the Netherlands

Big Data plays an increasingly important role in the innovation of services, products, work processes and revenue models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data, Dutch economic growth is strengthened.

Big Data is a broadly applicable tool with an impact on all sectors of our society. Organisations are acquiring ever larger amounts of data from their own processes. These data are collected, stored and exchanged, both within and outside the organisation.

Latest news

The Youngsters - Artificial Intelligence at the edge to support young animals for a sustainable smart farming
This project investigates how a combination of different sensor methods and artificial intelligence technologies, which can detect behavior (including interaction), position, activity, weight, temperature and heart rate on or in the environment of yo...
19 May 2023
SMART-AGENTS project update
The SMART-AGENTS project conducts research with a view to developing symbiotic networks of collaborative agents (drones) to solve challenges in logistics, agriculture and other areas. The project proposes a new multi-drone scenario to create a collab...
28 April 2023
DISTANT - Defending against Implementation attackS Through mAchiNe learning Technique
Chip cards such as bank cards or cards used in public transport are sought-after targets for attackers who often use side-channels to attack them. DISTANT is focused on the development of automated frameworks capable of assessing various potential si...
30 March 2023

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