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About Big Data research in the Netherlands

Big Data plays an increasingly important role in the innovation of services, products, work processes and revenue models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data, Dutch economic growth is strengthened.

Big Data is a broadly applicable tool with an impact on all sectors of our society. Organisations are acquiring ever larger amounts of data from their own processes. These data are collected, stored and exchanged, both within and outside the organisation.

Latest news

BLISS: Behaviour based Language Interactive Speaking Systems
Language scientists Helmer Strik and Iris Hendrickx from Radboud University are working on an innovative Dutch-language chatbot. After the research, their chatbot should be able to talk to people about their personal well-being and happiness....
26 September 2022
NWO interview - Predicting and preventing falls
People over the age of 65 have a high chance of tripping and falling, and medication use is most often the cause of this. However, which individuals are most at risk and how can that risk specifically be reduced? The big data project SNOWDROP is deve...
22 July 2022
Toekenningen Take-off fase 1 - cluster Commit2Data
De Take-off call is bedoeld voor ondernemende wetenschappers die willen onderzoeken of de resultaten van hun onderzoek commerciƫle potentie hebben. In deze calls, die zich richt op het stimuleren van bedrijvigheid, kunnen onderzoeksprojecten geld aan...
21 July 2022

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