Big Data thema's

Commit2Data focuses on the application possibilities of Big Data and the new business models and opportunities that Big Data creates. In order to exploit this optimally, Commit2Data enhances knowledge, valorisation and dissemination of data, stewardship and technology for the Top Sectors.

There are also a number of fundamental challenges that are valid in all key sectors. Within Commit2Data these are the so-called horizontal-cutting themes that are focused on:

: platforms; access; distributed solutions; privacy; security.

: machine learning; statistics; mining; efficient algorithms.

A focused effort is needed to shift the boundaries of the current data science and Big Data solutions, and to grow the algorithmic understanding of data semantics, computational complexity, data protection and human information overload.

In order to achieve this, this theme will focus on data science and dealing with evolving content, processes, behavior and societies.

Schematische weergave thema's Commit2Data

This figure gives a schematic view of the themes within Commit2Data.

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Smart Culture

Smart Industry


Data Handling


Sport and exercise