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Project update: Resilient Athletes
That is the research question the project led by dr. Ruud den Hartigh (Associate Professor of Talent Development & Creativity at the Department of Psychology at RuG) has been focusing on since the fall of 2019. We spoke to Ruud in November 2022. ...
10 February 2023
Active4Life; optimization of use and effects of eHealth
The majority of the chronically ill (84%) and of the less educated adults and elderly (72%) do not get enough exercise. For these groups, even a little more exercise would have major health benefits. Active4Life investigates how to encourage adults a...
18 January 2023
Project Update: Data-driven shared decision making on cancer treatment for individual patients
In early November, we spoke to project leader Prof Emiel Krahmer and PhD candidate Saar Hommes from Tilburg University's Department of Communication & Cognition about this data2person project. Emiel is professor of Language, Cognition and Computa...
06 December 2022

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