The Youngsters - Artificial Intelligence at the edge to support young animals for a sustainable smart farming

The first days in the life of young animals are seen as a critical period. Extra attention from the caregiver and alertness is required. To support this, it is being examined how a combination of different sensing methods and artificial intelligence technologies that can detect behaviour, position, activity, weight, temperature and heart rate on or in the environment of the young piglets and calves can give insight.

The Youngsters will advance smart farming by enabling highly accurate and fine-grained animal activity detection, perform advanced data analytics combining very different data streams, and will provide an insight into the health and wellbeing of the animals. This will free the farmer from having to interpret all data, yet providing the farmer with a highly detailed insight into the risk factors of the individual newly born animal as well as whole herd. This insight, together with behavioural knowledge of young animals about physiology, feed intake and health, are applied to inform animal carers in time and in the correct manner what they have to do. Through a combination of advanced sensor technology, big data analytics, and innovative deep-learning algorithms, this project can be the next step in the advancement of sustainable farming for the future.

Prof. dr. P.J.M. Havinga Full Professor Pervasive Systems


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