Cardiron BV

CARDIRON Automatic medication advice for heart failure patients

Cardiron, established in 2019, has a flexible and highly diversified business model capable of responding quickly to changes in market conditions. We want to grow in the market for automated medication management. The senior management team guides the company in these extremely challenging times and to take full advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Clinical study

We will start soon a non inferiority trial of automated medication therapy, Multicentre on 200 cases and 100 controls, each receiving standard of care therapy. 20 hospitals are aimed to parcipate and to include the patients. Key hospitals in this trial will be Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam and Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis. The trial has a 2 year duration to enable adherence studies, database design, perception by users and care givers as well as gamificaon is iterated upon with a team of 6 PhDs.

Commercialization Plan

Our commercialization starts early with the usage of our algorithms in consumer health products helping health promotion programs to monitor their clients in their homes, an opportunity brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. These revenue stream will help us to build a brand that brings trust and high-end technology in a simple and easy way to improve people’s health.

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