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Let’s create better streets, neighbourhoods and cities!

Not only today, also in the future we want to live and work in a healthy city. Cities are getting busier and we are experiencing the effects of climate change and pollution.

How do we make the switch from fossil to sustainable energy? Can we turn waste into raw materials,? How do we switch to clean and electric transport? And how do we keep our digital world transparent and understandable?

These are the major changes of our time: big and often intertwined. For a positive impact on these transitions, groundbreaking solutions, out of the box thinking and action are required. New, smart solutions are necessary for a liveable urban future.

Values first

Amsterdam Smart City is working on the smart, green and healthy future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We do this together: close by in your own street and in the region. We are not just working on a smart city, but on a wise city. By a values first approach we ensure innovations actually contribute to cleaner, greener and happier cities. At Amsterdam Smart City we place residents and users of the cities central and the interests are clear: we use data and tech to increase the quality of life. We see tech as a means, not an end. It's all about open and transparent sharing of knowledge. Learning by doing together.

Open innovation platform

A world in transition requires an independent place where change makers can meet, interact and start working together. Amsterdam Smart City is that open and safe space for cooperation & innovation. We are an open innovation platform: a meeting place and workplace for metropolitan challenges and solutions. Companies, knowledge institutions, governments and active residents come together, interact and collaborate for the city and region of the future. We are a platform for doers. In this way we ensure better streets, neighbourhoods and cities.

Amsterdam Smart City is part of the Amsterdam Economic Board, the organization that works on the future of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

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