Ahrma Holding

Ahrma is a young and dynamic Logistics IT company with it’s headquarters and the production plant in The Netherlands (Deventer). Ahrma has regional offices in 3 countries worldwide, serving clients’ logistics in the industrial food, beverage, pharmaceutical and retail industries.


...we know exactly where it’s going

Ahrma launches new smart returnable assets in combination with well managed pool and rental services. First assets made available are pallets. Active, battery powered, wireless transponders are integrated in an innovative hybrid wood/plastic pallet, and together with Ahrma’s track & trace software, it will be possible to record not just the position and movement of the pallets, but also their ambient temperature, load state and any potential shock or drop of the pallets. This should enable full transparency in the supply chain in order to lower the total logistic cost. By connecting individual assets (pallets) directly to the internet valuable data is generated throughout a complete supply chain. This data is captured in Ahrma’s Supply Chain Big Data System (SCBD) made available for it’s customers.

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