Third Programme meeting Smart Industry 2016 projects

Inspiring and connecting. That was the idea behind the Third Programme meeting Smart Industry 2016 projects. During an interactive day the attendants, ranging from industry to academia, from professors to MSc students exchanged knowledge on the latest developments of the six different ongoing Smart Industry projects.

Smart Industry
The Smart Industry research program binds scientist and industry on big data, smart industry and creative industry. With this call NWO finances insightful and innovative research within the field of smart products and services, which prepare the industrial and production systems for the future. Specific multidisciplinary research topics within this programme are on  personalization, autonomous systems, big data, smart systems and smart machines.

Our Future
The day started with a key note presentation of Prof. dr. Egbert- Jan Sol (TNO) who informed us that our lives will change during the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution. Our products will change, and the idea of what a product is has to change. In addition we, as a society, have to get used to the idea that our jobs will change: we have to learn and keep on learning the rest of our lives. Although these are challenges that we will overcome the presentations during the day showed how technology might ease and personalize our lives and our health.

Interaction was an important component of the day. Not a full day of sending information, but listening through doing. Every project was invited to give a pitch. Sitting and listening were alternated with walking around and watching video presentations from PhD candidates. There were prizes for the two best pitches and the two best videos. The day ended with the announcement of the prize winners:  Mateusz Florkow (UMCU, Image Science Institute) was the frontrunner of the pitches Timon Staal (Technische Universiteit Delft) was the second. The first and second place for the best videos were both won by the project of Prof. Dr. Seeverinck (UMCU, Image Science Institute): A User-friendly Tool for Planning of Orthopaedic Surgery Challenges in the design and regulatory approval of 3D-printed surgical implants: a two-case series.

More information about the Smart Industry research program: NWO website.

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