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Voor het tweede achtereenvolgende jaar organiseert Commit2Data activiteiten tijdens ICT.OPEN. Dit jaar voor het eerst een volledige Commit2Data track parallel aan de ICT.OPEN programmering.

Het doel van de track is het organiseren van kennisoverdracht ten aanzien van Big Data gerelateerd onderzoek tussen onderzoeksgroepen, wetenschappers, bedrijven en beleidsmakers. Tevens versterken we met deze activiteit het contact tussen relevante partijen waaronder de Commit2Data community. 

ICT.OPEN is dit jaar onderdeel van de Conferentie Nederland Digitaal die in de week van 18 maart 2019 staat gepland.

Het programma (in het Engels) van de Commit2Data track bestaat uit een posterwedstrijd en drie sessies:

Wednesday 20 March 2019
10.15- 11.30hrs | Learning from data   
Stefan Plantikow (Neo4j)
Title: Cypher for Apache Spark - The future of graph querying meets big data
On latest developments in graph data management technology, and specifically the movement both in industry and academia towards a standard graph query language for property graphs. He would also introduce neo4js Spark-based graph data analytics platform (CAPS) - and talk about research challenges and the collaboration with CWI in the SQIREL project.

Speaker: Peter Boncz (CWI)
Querying changing graph data in Spark
On querying changing graph data in Spark (IndexedDataFrame: interactive queries in Apache Spark on changing data). My PhD student Dean submitted a poster abstract on the topic of Packed Memory Arrays and their use for storing and querying changable graphs.

Speaker: Frank Blaauw (RUG)
Title: ECiDA - Evolutionary Changes in Data Analysis
Content: Modern data analysis platforms offer virtually no support for dynamic reconfiguration. Instead, modifying such systems involves restarting, which is typically expensive and may even be hazardous. We present the philosophy of the ECiDA platform, which is designed to support dynamic reconfiguration in a safe and transparent fashion. We'll discuss how ECiDA can offer a data processing solution for rapidly developing fields such as data science and smart industry.

    12.00 - 13.00hrs | Poster pitches
     Five winners have been selected to pitch their poster

    15.00 - 16.15hrs | Sharing data – Smart Data Sharing

    Speaker: Lars Nagel (International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) ) 
    Title: ‘IDS - Demonstration, Applicability for Industry and Logistics and Next Steps’
    Content: Digital responsibility is evolving from a hygiene factor to key differentiator and source of competitive advantage. Future data platforms and markets will be built on design principles that go beyond the traditional understanding of cybersecurity and privacy. This presentation describes the ambition of the International Data Spaces (IDS) initiative. Based on strong data ethics principles the IDS Reference Architecture Model puts the user in its center to ensure trustworthiness in ecosystems and sovereignty over data in the digital age as its key value proposition.

    Speaker: Simon Dalmolen (TNO – DL4LD)
    Title: IDS - Demonstration, Applicability for Industry and Logistics and Next Steps
    The Smart Industry Fieldlab 'Smart Connected Suppliers Network' works together with a large number of involved players, users and IT suppliers to achieve standardization. Suppliers in a high-tech, low volume, high complexity chain exchange order and product information with many parties. This information must be exchanged faster and more reliably. In order to achieve this, various ICT systems for ERP and CAD / CAM are linked together This standardization must in time comply with international standards such as those of International Data Spaces. This session will discuss the requirements and needs, what is already possible today and what the developments of an IDS are.

    The submitted posters can be viewed through the corridors of the event location. On the day itself a prize will be awarded for the best poster.

    Meer weten over het event? Zie de website van ICT.OPEN.

    08 februari 2019


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