Value Creation through Responsible Access and Use of Big Data (VWData)

The impact of the explosively growing amount and diversity of databases - Big Data - is visible in all sectors of society: from science to economics, from health to government, from the financial sector to every facet of daily life.

The power of Big Data lies in combining a multitude of different data. This can only be achieved if data files are open and accessible. However, this does mean that we must handle these data responsibly. The goal for the next decade is therefore to develop the right instruments and infrastructure for the responsible access and use of Big Data and thus to create value in economic, social and scientific domains.

Responsible Value Creation with Big Data (VWData) is the starting impulse programme of the Big Data Route of the National Science Agenda (NWA) that focuses on these issues. The VWData consortium distinguishes itself from other Dutch programmes and initiatives around Big Data by focusing primarily on the question:

How can we use Big Data in a way that is legally and ethically responsible and socially acceptable?

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The VWData start incentive programme gives an impulse to scientific research into the responsible handling of Big Data. It has the following goals:

• Insight from different scientific disciplines into the meaning, risks and preconditions for responsible access to and use of Big Data.

• Stimulating scientific and applied solutions and perspectives for action from a technical, social, legal and ethical perspective, and further elaboration of what "responsible data science" means.

• Knowledge utilization through use cases and initial demonstrations of FACT (Fair, Accurate, Confidential, Transparent) and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data science within domains where responsible use of data is a critical success factor.

• Outreach naar en discours met media, politiek, publiek, bedrijven, en maatschappelijke en wetenschappelijke organisaties om het belang, oplossingen en kansen voor Nederland van verantwoord gebruik van Big Data onder de aandacht te brengen.

• Outreach to and discourse with media, politics, the public, companies, and social and scientific organizations to highlight the importance, solutions and opportunities for the Netherlands of responsible use of Big Data.

Organisation and methods

The VWData starter impulse programme starts with seven projects. The programme is designed to create value in three domains: information services/media, healthcare and security. Thus, academic, HBO and TO2 partners give an impulse to the knowledge and innovation system in the field of data science in the breadth and within selected domains. During the term of the start-up impulse programme, there is also the possibility of expanding the project portfolio. During two years symposia will be organized for scientists, industry, politics and society. In addition, publications will be published containing the most important insights and recommendations for the future.

About the VWData start impulse programme

The VWData start impulse programme is the result of the NWA Big Data Route, in which a broad support base was consulted over a period of two years through open meetings, surveys and an open call. The start-up impulse programme consists of seven strongly interlinked research projects and answers a large number of questions from the NWA that refer to digitisation and the use of Big Data and data science. Each project focuses on a specific aspect of the challenge "Responsible Value Creation with Big Data".


Ambassador NWA Route VWData: Prof. dr. ir. R.L. (Inald) Lagendijk, TU Delft.

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