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iBestuur: "Has the cloud made us safer?"
The concept of cloud computing has been around for almost 30 years. This raises the question of whether the phenomenon has made the digital ecosystem on Earth safer or not. This is the central question of the research project MASCOT, which stands for...
06 October 2023
DISTANT - Defending against Implementation attackS Through mAchiNe learning Technique
Chip cards such as bank cards or cards used in public transport are sought-after targets for attackers who often use side-channels to attack them. DISTANT is focused on the development of automated frameworks capable of assessing various potential si...
30 March 2023
MASCOT - MeAsuring Security in Cloud OuTsourcing
In the business world and for the government, an increasing number of organizations are migrating their IT to the cloud. One of the arguments for this is security, for two commonly cited reasons. Firstly, cloud providers have highly qualified personn...
27 March 2023