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Utopia: Universal Three-dimensiOnal Passport for process Individualization in Agriculture
Joost Batenburg and Robert van Liere are the leaders of this project, which runs from fall 2020 to fall 2025. We spoke with them halfway through the research and received an extensive explanation of their shared future vision for the food industry; w...
13 October 2023
The Youngsters - Artificial Intelligence at the edge to support young animals for a sustainable smart farming
This project investigates how a combination of different sensor methods and artificial intelligence technologies, which can detect behavior (including interaction), position, activity, weight, temperature and heart rate on or in the environment of yo...
19 May 2023
Present your research at ICT.OPEN2022
Op 6 en 7 april 2022 vindt ICT.OPEN2022 plaats. De organisatie bestaande uit NWO, IPN en PRIO streven naar een fysieke conferentie die wetenschappers uit alle ICT onderzoeksdisciplines en industrieën samenbrengt om elkaar te ontmoeten, te leren en id...
03 December 2021