Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data Research

The Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data project focuses on the question of how we can develop and publish 2D/3D/4D user interfaces to the linked data of the Semantic Web in the form of digital maps and virtual rooms using historical data on the production and the consumption of the Dutch Golden Age.

The Semantic Web needs interfaces for critical, trustworthy readings of Big Data for humanities research, cultural heritage and creative industries. (Re-)using data on the production and consumption of cultural goods, geodata, maps and building plans of the Dutch Golden Age, the ‘Virtual Interiors’ project unlocks the research potential of big historical data in a geospatial context. Virtual reconstructions of interiors of houses and their locations in Amsterdam of the Dutch Golden Age will not only provide insight in socio-spatial aspects of the cultural production and consumption of the creative industries, but also contribute to the development of spatial humanities and digital hermeneutic methods.

The Amsterdam case study focuses on the implementation of these methods by enhancements of GIS with applications of “deep/thick maps” and historic reconstructions in virtual 3D/4D spaces with multiple perspective views and visual representations of uncertainty. However, the question how we tell, edit and represent “stories” in virtual reconstructions with incomplete/inconsistent data has relevance far beyond the historic case of Amsterdam.

Contextualising these virtual historic reconstructions with sustainable annotations provides input for the creation of more generic, multidimensional “hyperspaces” that serve as interactive interfaces for research in the digital humanities, cultural heritage, creative industries and beyond. Sustainable solutions for identifying and annotating locations and events in continuously changing configurations in multidimensional virtual spaces are both conceptual and technical challenges for augmented reality applications and games.

Finally, the dissemination and preservation of these enriched reconstructions as enhanced publications support research, cultural heritage and creative industries.

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Project news

Project update: Resilient Athletes
That is the research question the project led by dr. Ruud den Hartigh (Associate Professor of Talent Development & Creativity at the Department of Psychology at RuG) has been focusing on since the fall of 2019. We spoke to Ruud in November 2022. ...
10 February 2023
Active4Life; optimization of use and effects of eHealth
The majority of the chronically ill (84%) and of the less educated adults and elderly (72%) do not get enough exercise. For these groups, even a little more exercise would have major health benefits. Active4Life investigates how to encourage adults a...
18 January 2023
Project Update: Data-driven shared decision making on cancer treatment for individual patients
In early November, we spoke to project leader Prof Emiel Krahmer and PhD candidate Saar Hommes from Tilburg University's Department of Communication & Cognition about this data2person project. Emiel is professor of Language, Cognition and Computa...
06 December 2022
WheelPower: wheelchair sports and data science push it to the limit
The Netherlands won 59 medals and finished fifth in the medal standings at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games. TeamNL athletes captured 25 gold, 17 silver and 17 bronze medals. To maintain and even strengthen this position in this rapidly professionalis...
31 October 2022
How can mathematics solve your data science challenge? Sign up for the Study Group
Mathematics provides a surprising amount of techniques to solve challenges in data science. Does your company have such challenges but no time to look into them? Or would you like to strengthen your contacts in the academic world? Would you like to m...
27 October 2022
Project Update: Inquiry into effectiveness and efficiency of self-monitoring based management of Multiple Sclerosis
In late September 2022 - in the middle of this project around digital self-monitoring - we spoke to Lotte Krabbenborg (Radboud University) and Sonja Cloosterman (MS sherpa, formerly Orikami). Lotte Krabbenborg is associate professor of Science in Soc...
24 October 2022
Project Update EDIC: Exceptional and Deep Intelligent Coach
Measurement brings knowledge Can we create an artificial coach that is perceived by the user as truly convincing and reliable, supporting the user in his/her self-management and supporting the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle?This i...
13 October 2022
BLISS: Behaviour based Language Interactive Speaking Systems
Language scientists Helmer Strik and Iris Hendrickx from Radboud University are working on an innovative Dutch-language chatbot. After the research, their chatbot should be able to talk to people about their personal well-being and happiness....
26 September 2022
NWO interview - Predicting and preventing falls
People over the age of 65 have a high chance of tripping and falling, and medication use is most often the cause of this. However, which individuals are most at risk and how can that risk specifically be reduced? The big data project SNOWDROP is deve...
22 July 2022
Toekenningen Take-off fase 1 - cluster Commit2Data
De Take-off call is bedoeld voor ondernemende wetenschappers die willen onderzoeken of de resultaten van hun onderzoek commerciële potentie hebben. In deze calls, die zich richt op het stimuleren van bedrijvigheid, kunnen onderzoeksprojecten geld aan...
21 July 2022
Video Energy Intranets
In this video we visit the Energy Intranets project at Sympower in Amsterdam and talk to Marieke Kootte from TU Delft and Rien Dijkstra from Sympower....
16 June 2022
Commit2Data at ICT.OPEN 2022
After a hiatus caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we finally had the option of meeting each other again at ICT.OPEN in Amsterdam. We, unfortunately, had to cancel our workshop 'Turn your science into reality on the first day....
14 April 2022
Project update: Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience
Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience (DRSR) is an interesting research project, where data science and social science come together. The research explores rhythm as a new methodology for policymaking, with the goal of strengthening the sharing of ...
15 March 2022
DATAREL: project update
The DATAREL project started in 2018 and includes several work packages, covering the whole process from data collection to concrete changes in logistics processes....
14 February 2022
Art DATIS: project update
Sybren Valkema was a prominent glass artist and teacher, born in 1916. Now, more than 100 years later, researchers working on the Art DATIS project aim to make his archives accessible to fellow researchers, artists and craftsmen. We sat down with Ver...
03 February 2022
Project Update - Flexcrop
“With Flexcrop, we not only add models to save energy, but we include a nuanced look at how certain we are about the amount of energy we can save. This makes the outcome of our models more relevant in horticultural practice in terms of purchasing dec...
14 January 2022
Call Take-off phase 1 Spring 2022 open
The NWO call Take-off phase 1 - Feasibility studies WO Commit2Data opened on 3 January. This call is specifically for Commit2Data projects that want to perform a feasibility study. All Commit2Data projects have until February 8 14:00 hrs to submit a ...
13 January 2022
Interest in valorization programme greater than expected
Valorisatie is niet zoals onderzoek en disseminatie vanaf de start een onderdeel geweest van het meerjarige nationaal onderzoeks- en innovatieprogramma Commit2Data. In 2019 is het programma uitgebreid met een actielijn voor valorisatie. Met het eindi...
14 December 2021
Present your research at ICT.OPEN2022
Op 6 en 7 april 2022 vindt ICT.OPEN2022 plaats. De organisatie bestaande uit NWO, IPN en PRIO streven naar een fysieke conferentie die wetenschappers uit alle ICT onderzoeksdisciplines en industrieën samenbrengt om elkaar te ontmoeten, te leren en id...
03 December 2021
How can mathematics solve your data science challenge?
Mathematics provides a surprising amount of techniques to solve challenges in data science. Does your company have such challenges but no time to look into them? Or would you like to strengthen your contacts in the academic world? Would you like to m...
23 November 2021
Adrie Bouma on the implementation of Exercise is Medicine
With this research project, the scientists and partners involved have realised a scientifically substantiated and practice-based protocol for implementation of Exercise as Medicine in hospital care. This protocol is called the Movement Step Plan. For...
19 November 2021
Awards of the Take-Off call Cluster Commit2Data
In the spring 2021 round of Take-off 33 feasibility studies are given the green light. New this year is Take-off phase 1 cluster Commit2Data, for which three feasibility studies have been awarded around big data and data analytics....
20 September 2021
Project Update Energy Intranets
In het Commit2Data project ‘Energy Intranets’ onderzoeken wiskundige Marieke Kootte (TU Delft) en energiewetenschapper Lennard Visser (Universiteit Utrecht) samen met projectpartners hoe we de flexibiliteit van vraag en aanbod beter kunnen voorspelle...
13 August 2021
DiaGame Update January 2020
Diagame is currently developed as a digital version of the boardgame Game Of Goose. Patients walk through the game in a way they recognize and which motivates them to keep playing. ...
03 February 2020
We are, again, one step closer to the new ‘industrial revolution’. The STW board approves six research proposals within the program Smart Industry. The research is, among other things, focussed on the realization of incredibly smart industrial proces...
22 December 2016

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