Resilient athletes: A multidisciplinary personalized approach

Resilient athletes: A multidisciplinary personalized approach

To stay healthy and perform at their best, athletes need to be resilient. They face different challenges, such as tough training sessions and lost matches. When athletes do not recover well from these challenges, they may be injured or fall into a slump.

It is difficult for athletes to determine their resilience. This project provides insight into the physical and mental resilience of athletes for both the athlete and the coach. In this way, they can, for instance, adjust training sessions in order to prevent injuries.


In cooperation with football clubs PSV, Vitesse and FC Groningen, physical and mental data of players are collected on a daily basis. Using smart analyses, the resilience of each player can be calculated immediately. This is relevant for football players, but also for other groups. If we better understand how resilience can be determined and improved, we can also work on the resilience of people in other sports and in daily life.

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