DataRel - Big Data for Resilient Logistics

The Netherlands leads Europe in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain. However, the logistics sector is currently undergoing radical changes.

Economic conditions are forcing logistics service providers to increase their returns. The impact of e-business, e-commerce, far-reaching data collection methods, big data and new technology is enormous. Moreover, customers are becoming increasingly critical. They want products delivered as quickly and cheaply as possible, at the place and time of their choice, and of the very best quality. The use of innovative IoT technology and big data offers a solution. DATAREL's goal is to develop and demonstrate innovative data collection and analysis techniques and methods for the logistics sector, so that the increasingly dynamic and complex logistics processes can be controlled and the entire supply chain becomes more sustainable and efficient.

Wetenschappelijke publicaties

An Enterprise Architecture based on Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing for an Airfield Lighting Management System

Followed by the introduction of IoT and new sustainable technologies, energy management, Quality of Service and decrease of communication costs become important and complex for enterprise systems at airports.

15 December 2020

A Design of the Resilient Enterprise: A Reference Architecture for Emergent Behaviors Control

The sooner disruptive emergent behaviors are detected, the sooner preventive measures can be taken to ensure the resilience of business processes execution. Therefore, organizations need to prepare for emergent behaviors by embedding corrective control mechanisms, which help coordinate organization-wide behavior (and goals) with the behavior of local autonomous entities.

25 October 2021

Business logic for resilient supply chain logistics

Technological advancements of emerging paradigms such as Internet of Things have enabled new modes of system design. The supply chain logistics domain can benefit significantly from advances in monitoring and detection of emergent behavior.

25 October 2021

A Classification of Process Mining Bottleneck Analysis Techniques for Operational Support.

28 October 2021

Towards a framework for smart resilient logistics

In order to remain competitive, logistics companies are forced to provide smart solutions within a network that is characterized by complexity and heterogeneity.

28 October 2021

An agent-based process mining architecture for emergent behavior analysis

25 October 2021

Project news

DATAREL: project update
The DATAREL project started in 2018 and includes several work packages, covering the whole process from data collection to concrete changes in logistics processes....
14 February 2022