Sananet care

Sananet's mission is better health and quality of life for people with one or more chronic conditions through the deployment of eHealth solutions. We are committed every day to being able to deliver 'the right care at the right time'. We are convinced of the importance of patient self-management for sustainable quality care.

Sananet focuses on the development of eHealth solutions, and in particular on the development of telemonitoring. These online companion programs give healthcare professionals real-time insight into the well-being of their patients. They improve the quality of chronic care and make the relationship between patient and healthcare provider more personal and intense.

Our vision is focused on our social impact by creating the best of both worlds; bringing together medical knowledge and IT expertise. We achieve this goal through both commercial projects and social initiatives that contribute to society at large.

Together with healthcare professionals and patients, we want to ensure that eHealth becomes ordinary healthcare.

Sananet delivers excellent eHealth content. Scientific studies show that guidance with eCoaches halves the number of hospitalizations, fewer outpatient visits and better therapy compliance for patients with chronic conditions. Doctors and nurses therefore have more time for people who need their attention the most.

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