NL eScience Center

Founded in 2012 as an independent foundation by NWO and SURF, the Netherlands eScience Center is the national centre for innovative software solutions in academic research.

We award research projects based on calls for proposals, and we train researchers in the use of research software. Our contribution is primarily in-kind. We offer our expertise in the form of research software engineers (RSEs), the highly skilled technology specialists who work with us at the Center.

We exist because digitalization has fundamentally changed academic research. Today’s data collection, data management and data analyses are all driven by powerful software.

And research institutes are investigating more complex questions than ever. From climate change and sustainable cities to aging populations and more, research in almost any discipline is impossible without software.

This is where the digital tools and methods and skills and practices of eScience come in.

And where a publicly funded, multidisciplinary research organization like the Netherlands eScience Center plays an important role.

We get excited about enabling digitally-enhanced research. We want to help change the way research communities achieve their ambitions. It’s an honour to serve the academic community, and contribute to continued excellence in academic research. And we’re especially proud of our role keeping the Netherlands at the forefront of cutting-edge international research.


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