HuisartsenOZL is a care group which unites 116 independent general practitioners in the Eastern South Limburg region. This care organization of, for and by family doctors arranges 24-hour family doctor care through one central office. The mission of HuisartsenOZL (GPsOZL) is to focus on the patient and to manage primary care in the neighbourhood from a single point of contact. Good quality content of care is paramount.

The company HuisartsenOZL has a private limited company form with an umbrella holding. General practitioners in the region can purchase a certificate. The certificate holders are represented by Stichting Administratie Kantoor OZL (STAK), which is 100% shareholder of HuisartsenOZL Holding. A large proportion of the general practitioners in Oostelijk Zuid-Limburg are certificate holders. As members of the Medical Staff Association (MSH), all independent GPs, including those who are not certificate holders, have a say in the organization's medical policy. The MSH is represented by an Executive Board.

In addition to the STAK and the MSH, the Supervisory Board is also active. This supervises the holding of GPOZL in accordance with the healthcare-related Governance Code. The daily management and control of the GP organization is carried out by a Board of Directors.

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