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Here is the number-one location platform, we're committed to moving the world forward.

With 35 years of experience in mapmaking and 8,000 employees across 56 countries, we are the world's leading location data and technology company. We serve multiple industries, and our global ecosystem of customers, partners and developers, includes some of the biggest and best-known brands.

Our platform serves more than 2 million developers, either directly or through our partner ecosystem. Our map data is in over 160 million cars, and we process 100B+ API calls/month.

What we do

We use location technology to improve how businesses and cities run – at a fraction of the energy and environmental costs.

We're heading into a new digital era. A proliferation of new technologies is creating a paradigm shift in how reality is digitized and interpreted, increasingly in high definition and real time. These technologies include live vehicle and device sensors, Lidar, expanded high-speed wireless connectivity (e.g. 5G) and the advancement of Cloud, AI, Robotics and IoT.

Advanced visualization, simulation and digital twins are opening up a variety of new use cases around logistics and manufacturing. In mobility and automotive, autonomous vehicle simulation is improving safety and reliability.

Location technology plays a foundational role in all of this.

Data silos and fragmentation can be major roadblocks for many organizations. But our platform enables businesses or organizations to unify, process, connect and monetize all location data with ease while preserving data ownership and privacy.

Whether you require a 2D map with complex routing solutions to guarantee on-time deliveries, an instruction set for a car or robot or 3D data models to plan a 5G network, the HERE platform can take you where you want to go with its open data ecosystem, data models, architecture and tooling.

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