Submit your pitch idea for matchmaking Energy System Integration

On 23 May, NWO is organizing an information and matchmaking meeting for the third call in the Energy System Integration program. The meeting takes place at Mercure Hotel Amersfoort, from 10 until 14 hours. You can register, submit a pitch idea, and a proposal for a discussion table.

Energy system integration
Researchers from universities, HBO-institutes and TO2-Institutes can submit to and receive funding from this call. The call is relevant for bèta, gamma and technological researchers. Read more about the topic and the conditions of the call in this earlier news item.

Multidisciplinary cooperation compulsory
Since this previous news item it has been decided to make multidisciplinary proposals compulsory. This can be bèta-cooperations (e.g. electrical engineering and mathematics), gamma-cooperations (e.g. economy and lawy), or bèta-gamma cooperations.

Themes of the call
The call has 3 themes:
A. Informing decision makers and enabling energy system innovation
B. Long-term planning and maintenance of physical energy infrastructures
C. Management, flexibility, and digitization in operational energy systems

      Pitch idea
      13 May you can submit an idea for a 3-minute pitch. A pitch idea consists of:

      • The subject (in a few lines)
      • The theme in which it fits (A, B, or C)
      • The consortium you already have
      • What you still need (e.g. datasets, in kind cofinancing, researchers in specific disciplines)

      14 May it will announced if your pitch is selected. Selection is used to make sure a good spread of subjects and types of participants is represented. There will be 3 separate pitch sessions of 45 minutes each.

      Discussion tables
      After the 3 pitch sessions, discussion tables will be set up in each of the three rooms, over which the participants will be distributed. The discussion table topics have not yet been decided. You are invited to suggest a topic. A topic needs to have a clear focus, and for its solution should require at least two scientific disciplines (e.g. mathematics and computer science).

      Please register by sending an email to Please state your title, first name, last name, organization, scientific discipline, and dietary requirements. You can also add your pitch idea and discussion table topic.

      Overall programme

      • Start at 10.00 hrs, end at 14.00 hrs
      • Presentations by Topsector, NWO, Netherlands eScience Center
      • Pitch sessions
      • Lunch
      • Discussion tables
      06 May 2019


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