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Interdisciplinary consortia of scientists and public / private parties can apply for funding for research into the possibilities of big data for the detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Participation of end users (citizens, patients and / or (healthcare) professionals) is a prerequisite.

NWO, ZonMw, the Hartstichting, the Topsectors Life Sciences & Health (LSH), ICT and Creative Industries and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Netherlands eScience Center have taken the initiative to jointly develop a public-private research program in the field of big data. and health. This program stimulates cooperation between various relevant scientific areas and cooperation with the business community in coordination with citizens, patients and (healthcare) professionals.

The focus of the Big Data & Health research program is the use of big data for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases with the framework of the research agenda: the knowledge and Innovation agendas (KIAs) ICT, Creative Industries and LSH. Within this research program, the ambitions of the Heart Foundation, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Netherlands eScience Center are linked to the ambitions of Commit2Data for the Top Sectors ICT, LSH and Creative Industries, as described in the Knowledge and Innovation Contracts 2018-? 19 between NWO and the Top Sectors.

Consortia consisting of at least three research groups? of which at least two research groups from NWO-recognized research organization (s) - at least one company and 2-3 FTE eScience Research Engineers can submit. There is also provision for participation by end users (citizens, patients and / or (care) professionals) in the project.

Depending on the type of research, at least M 1 (for 50% cofinancing) up to M 2.25 (for 25% cofinancing) can be applied for per subsidy application from the available resources for this research program and at least 2.0 - 3.0 FTE. the application of eScience Research Engineers can be requested.

The total available subsidy budget for projects amounts to more than 6.5 million euros and 12 fte eScience Research Engineers.

The closing date for submitting pre-proposals (compulsory) is 1 October 2018, at 14.00 CE (S) T. The deadline for submitting full proposals is 8 January 2019, at 2 pm CE (S) T. Conditions and to submit, see the financing page of the call.

For substantive questions about this call for proposals, please contact NWO:

Dr. A. (Astrid) Zuurbier, tel. +31 (0) 70 349 4709

Dr. T.F.J. (Tess) van de Voorde, tel. +31 (0) 70 349 4158


24 September 2018


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