We are, again, one step closer to the new ‘industrial revolution’. The STW board approves six research proposals within the program Smart Industry. The research is, among other things, focussed on the realization of incredibly smart industrial processes. With the honouring of the six proposals, the Smart Industry program enters a new stage. The research proposals fit the top sectors HTSM (roadmap Smart Industry), ICT (Commit2Data-community) and Creative Industry (CLICKNL.NL). The total budget of Smart Industry is over 3,6 million euro. Long-term In 2015, STW has put effort into drafting a broad
Smart Industry Science Agenda for the long-term. Also thanks to this effort, Smart Industry took a prominent place in the National Science Agenda, which is an inventory of science-questions that are put forward by society. One of the sixteen ‘routes’ of the science-agenda is dedicated to Smart Industry. Honoured projects

  • Accelerating Mass Personalization in Orthopedics facilitated by Machine Learning and Bone MRI-based Digital Fabrication (15479) Main applicant: P.R. Seevinck, UMC Utrecht
  • Cross-Industry Predictive Maintenance Optimization Platform (CIMPLO) (15465) Main applicant: Prof.dr. T.H.W. Bäck, University of Leiden
  • Integrating models and real-time data for zero-defect manufacturing control systems (15472) Main applicant: Prof.dr. B. Jayawardhana, University of Groningen
  • Next UPPS - Integrated design methodology for Ultra Personalised Products and Services (15470) Main applicant: J.C. Verlinden, Delft University of Technology
  • Sequoia: Smart maintenance optimization via big data & fault tree analysis (15474) Main applicant: Dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga, University of Twente
  • SUPREME - Smart Sensoring and Predictive Maintenance in Steel Manufacturing (15467) Main applicant: Prof.dr ir. T. Tinga, University of Twente