Mini-call NWA Route: Value Creation through Responsible Access and Use of Big Data (‘Big Data’)

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This mini-call is organized by the management of the NWA route ‘Big Data’ in the context of the call for small projects for NWA routes 2020. The official call-for-proposals text can be found here:


Within the above call for proposals the route management of each NWA route can submit an application for funding of maximum three small projects. The maximum grant amount is € 150.000,- divided amongst maximum three subprojects of maximum € 50.000. These subprojects can be:

  • an innovative idea aiming at (bootstrapping) out-of-the-box research;

  • utilisation of existing knowledge aiming at technology transfer, valorisation, of implementation of results from earlier big data research projects.

The small projects should contribute to relevant subjects for the route ‘Big Data’ and should enlarge the scientific and/or societal impact of the route. Because the description of the ‘Big Data’ route is nearly four years old, and the field has developed rapidly, partially in scope and partially towards artificial intelligence, research or utilisation subprojects in the context of the Commit2Data program and in the context of the National AI Coalitions working groups (NL AIC) are also welcome. The topic of ‘responsible access and use’ remains central to the subprojects.

Selection Process

The proposal can only be submitted to NWO by the route ‘boegbeeld’, Inald Lagendijk. To arrive at the selection of three subprojects, the route management of the ‘Big Data’ route, currently also the Steering Committee of the start impulse programme VWData, has put the following transparent process in place.

The process has three main phases:

  • Submission of a short proposal for a subproject according to the provided template.
  • Voting process by all proponents of eligible proposals for subprojects.
  • Selection and refinement of the three subprojects to be included in the NWA proposal by the route management of the ‘Big Data’ route/Steering Committee of the start impulse programme VWData, guided by the outcome of the voting process and the call requirement of coherency of the three subprojects.

These are the deadlines for the various process steps:

  • Until Thursday September 10, 2020: Submission of voluntary announcement of your own subproject ideas or collaboration request to be put up on the website. Please submit via an e-mail to
    • Your proposed subproject idea or collaboration request.
    • A description of no more than 50 words
    • Your contact information.
  • Friday September 18, 2020 (noon): Deadline for subproject proponents to submit a short proposal following the provided template to Proponents can submit one subproject only. Proponents of elected subprojects will become co-applicant and must therefore comply to the ‘who can apply’ guidelines of the formal NWO/NWA call text.

  • Until Tuesday September 22, 2020: Route management checks eligibility of the short proposals in relation to the goals of:

    • the route ‘Big Data’. In particular the element of ‘responsibility’ plays a central role.
    • the call, in particular if the subproject aims at enlarging the scientific and/or societal impact of the route.
    • Subprojects can start within 6 months of granting, and may last no more than one year.

Insufficient compliance with these criteria is a knock-out for the submitted proposal. There will be no opportunity to submit a revised version of a proposal.

  • Wednesday September 23, 2020: All eligible submitted short proposals are circulated confidentially to the all the proponents who submitted an eligible proposal.

  • Thursday October 1, 2020 (noon): Deadline for each proponent to cast votes on one or more proposals excluding their own proposal. Votes will be submitted via an e-mail form to

  • Monday October 5, 2020: Elected three proposals are announced to proponents. A meeting with the proponents of the three selected proposals will take place in the week of October 5 to discuss process and content of the integrated proposal.

  • Wednesday October 21, 2020 (noon): Extended version and detailed budgets of elected proposals are submitted by proponents to

  • Thursday October 29, 2020: ‘Boegbeeld’ submits the integrated proposal consisting of the three elected subproposals.
28 August 2020


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