Commit2Data ICT.OPEN poster competition 2020 has been revealed

The cancellation of ICT.OPEN, due to the Corona virus, delayed the Commit2Data poster competition.

Because of the situation we have taken some additional time to finish the evaluations and inform the creator of the winning poster. We would like to thank all researchers that have submitted their posters. All posters have been analysed by our judges who we would like to thank for their time and expert opinions:

  • Datascience: prof. dr. A. van der Born.
  • Readability and design: drs. G. Goudsmits, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Application potential: prof. dr. ir. N. Meratnia, University of Eindhoven.

The results

Because there has been no official event and therefor no ceremonial winner we would like to present you the opportunity to view the posters online (By clicking the names you are able to view their posters):

The efforts of Dennis Collaris and João Moreira led to a tie on a shared third place.

The second place in the competition has been claimed by Saar Hommes.

The judges noted that the winning poster clearly presented the problem and impact/gain of the proposed approach. The poster also had good scores for appearance, clarity and the well presented scientific approach.

The winner of the Commit2Data poster competition 2020 is Chang Sun!

Below are all the posters that have been submitted:

    We would like to thank all researchers for submitting their poster, we hopefully see each other next year on ICT.OPEN with a new poster with furthered scientific results.

    15 May 2020


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