Big Data & Health and Data2Person Together

Getting together and learning from each other for a common future. That was the goal of the first Big Data & Health and Data2Person meeting on 2 October 2019. During this interactive day, the emphasis for all 14 projects was on exploring joint future plans.

Linking two programs
The day started with introductory presentations by Prof. Dr. Jan de Boer, Dr. Astrid Zuurbier and Dr. Inge Valstar about the how and why of the programme and the meeting. They explained why the Big Data & Health and Data2Person program are linked. Both programmes facilitate big data research into the prevention and improvement of health Dr. Lars Ridder explained the big data issues in a presentation.

Pitches, posters and working groups
The 14 projects were introduced to each other on the basis of short pitches. During the poster sessions there was room for depth and making useful contacts. An important goal of the day was to determine the themes and content for future working groups. It is the intention that these working groups realize reusable scientific and technological solutions for common challenges. Earlier in the day, ideas for themes were collected on the basis of propositions. These varied from 'feedback to patients' to 'distributed learning'. During a brainstorming session, small groups discussed and discussed the various themes.

Trust and development
The day was concluded by the Director of Information Policy and CIO of VWS, Ron Roozendaal. He emphasized the opportunities and risks of having algorithms do the work we're used to when people do it. There are limits to trust and science must take society into account in technological developments.

The meeting was organised by the funding bodies of NWO, ZonMW, eScience center, the Heart Foundation, Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport, Harteraad, HealthHolland and Commit2Data. Here you can find more information about the 14 projects.

24 October 2019


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