Awards of the Take-Off call Cluster Commit2Data

In the spring 2021 round of Take-off 33 feasibility studies are given the green light. New this year is Take-off phase 1 cluster Commit2Data, for which three feasibility studies have been awarded around big data and data analytics. Academic and innovative start-ups can use these to study the feasibility and commercial application of innovative ideas and the start of business based on knowledge innovations from knowledge institutions.

Ten start-ups will also receive a loan via Take-off: the early-stage financing offers them an amount of up to EUR 250,000. These capital injections will benefit, among others, self-learning decision software, new diagnostic equipment for breast cancer and for detecting cancer, high-tech 3D printing technology and micro-electronics. Thanks to Take-off, innovative start-ups can take the step to enter the market with their product/service. "The increasing popularity of Take-off is in line with the growing need we see at NWO for financing instruments aimed at knowledge transfer and valorisation. The fact that we always manage to select the most innovative and commercially relevant ideas and start-ups despite the increased application pressure for Take-off, is partly thanks to the broad network of the experienced committee members," says Xavier Weenink, coordinator Take-off.

The awards of the Take-Off call Cluster Commit2Data of this spring round are:

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