Six regional organizations are currently working together in the Dutch Coalition Data Innovation Hubs, brought together by Commit2Data and Surf, who are committed to data, data research and knowledge sharing. Part of the regional parties is affiliated with universities. Other parties stem from, for example, initiatives from economic boards. The coalition meets several times a year to share knowledge on various themes, such as data sharing, contact between research and business, big data and SMEs.

The six regional organizations are:

  • BDVC (Big Data Value Center), Almere
    Unique open innovation platform where (big) data can be safely experimented with. In this network organization with 3000 specialists from various organizations, we create concrete added value from data. This results in new knowledge, insights and business cases that organisations can use immediately. Visit the website for more information about this hub.

  • DFH (Data Federation Hub, Groningen
    This hub connects and fosters groups that support scientists to deliver innovative research in the North of the Netherlands. Visit the website for more information about this hub.

  • IoT en AI Big Data Hub - de fusie van AI en IoT, Twente
    We are a platform accommodating various pilots and services around the fusion of AI and IoT. The key strength of the hub is the tight coupling of science, industry, and business development with the final use. There are pilots in the area of smart agriculture, smart cities, predictive maintenance, logistics, and smart mobility. Visit the website for more information about this hub.

  • WDCC (Wageningen Data Competence Center), Wageningen
    We support developments in (big) data and data innovation in the field of research in agriculture, food, environment, social sciences, and health. We connect to external partners to create value in these domains. Visit the website for more information about this hub.

  • DVC-SI (Data Value Center Smart Industry), Brabant
    Entrepreneurs in the high-tech manufacturing industry can go here for information about the possibilities of big data, open data and their own data; a quick scan for tailor-made advice.

  • Big Data Innovatiehub, Zoetermeer
    The Big Data Innovation Hub helps organizations to make their production more efficient, improve processes and contribute to solutions for societal challenges through data analysis. Among other things, we facilitate workshops, knowledge sessions, master classes and the execution of data quickscans. Visit the website for more information about this hub.