Smart Industry

The Dutch Smart Industry initiative aims to stimulate all aspects of the ICT industrial value chain, as well as researching new ICT, in order to develop smart processes, services and products.

ICT plays a key role within Smart Industry due to the fact that design, production, ordering, inventory and delivery are all optimized by ICT applications.

Smart Industry moves beyond technology. It opens doors for completely new business models. If the manufacturing industry wants to focus not only on generic mass production, but also wants to learn about the batch production of unique examples, it has to organize itself in a completely different manner. Additionally, production processes must be designed in such a way that they can meet the consumers specifications. People and machinery will have to cooperate differently with each other.

Based on a public-private collaboration, the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO) made 3.4 million euro available to support further development and research in this area.

Evert van den Akker Prog. bureau SI, TNO
Femke Stephan Policy advisor NWO
Herma van Kranenburg Programmanager NWO


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