EDIC: Exceptional and Deep Intelligent Coach

Our increased life expectancy goes hand in hand with an increase in the number of life years in which we have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, lung disease or cardiovascular disease. Such chronic conditions cannot be cured, but the chosen lifestyle does have a major impact on the course of the condition, quality of life and the extent to which co-morbidities occur.

Stimulating an active, healthy lifestyle is therefore very important. Now that is far from easy, we know from personal experience and from studies; Because we don't know what to do, because we don't like it and because we don't know how to integrate it well into our busy lives. Intensive, long-term and personal targeted counselling appears to be effective, however, given the fact that a lot of people are involved and this is expensive, a solution with human coaches does not seem to be possible. The challenge we take up in this project is: can we create an artificial coach who is perceived by the user as a truly convincing and reliable coach, who supports the user in his/her self-management and supports the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle?

In the EDIC project, we are developing a platform that includes the necessary building blocks to create artificial, intelligent coaches. By using different sensors and data sources with which we map important disease related aspects as well as physical, cognitive, social and emotional components of health and lifestyle in daily life, we create an individual map of behaviour.

Data mining over many high granularity sampled data will result in new knowledge about behavior and the interrelationships of all these components. In addition, new time series analysis techniques make it possible to detect changes in the continuously measured variables in their mutual relationships in a timely manner. This new knowledge will be integrated with medical knowledge and the knowledge from psychology about behavioural change models to make it more effective and convincing.

After all, we know exactly which activities, with whom, where and when a person can best be seduced and supported to a healthy lifestyle, or needs advice in their self-management.

The platform and the building blocks are generic. In order to demonstrate the acceptance and usefulness of the coachee, two pilot studies will be carried out on major chronic conditions: diabetes and morbid obesity, in close collaboration with a hospital (ZGT) where many of these patients are seen.

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Titel project: EDIC: Exceptional and Deep Intelligent Coach

Programma: Commit2Data-Program

Organisatie: NWO

Projectmiddelen: € 1.253.500


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