It is the ambition of NWO and dutch digital delta to support the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda ICT 2016-2019 (KIA-ICT) and the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Health~Holland Pro~Motion 2016-2019 by issuing a call for proposals from public-private partnerships focused on the promotion of a healthy society in the future.

This call aims to stimulate collaboration between knowledge institutes and innovative companies and organizations for the promotion of groundbreaking big-data research on the theme of Health in the COMMIT2DATA programme.

For whom

Applications can be submitted on behalf of consortiums consisting of at least two academic departments from a research institute or institutes recognized by NWO3 and one public or private partner that alone, or together with multiple private and public partners, meets the private/public matching criteria. See annexe 6.2 for the definition of private/public matching. In addition to data science researchers, researchers from the health, medical, social, and behavioural sciences are also involved, depending on the research question.

Applications are submitted by a principal applicant. The principal applicant is an experienced researcher with a PhD (a professor, assistant professor, or a researcher with a similar appointment) who has a tenured or temporary appointment at a Dutch university or a research institute recognized by the NWO4 for the duration of the application process and the project. The principal applicant is responsible for the project and carries the financial responsibility for the project.

What can be applied for

The costs for the temporary appointment of academic staff and non-academic support staff for the project at the research institute are eligible for NWO funding and include staff such as software developers, lab technicians, etc., as are the project-specific costs for materials, trips, machines, and other project-related costs. The maximum eligible amount for project-specific (non-staff) costs is set at a maximum of 30% of the total project budget to a maximum of 200,000.


A matchmaking between academic, public and private parties will be organized on may 22nd 2017. If you would like to attent, please register by sending an email to: Registration will close on may 10th. More details will be provided by mail.

This call is closed

The projects have been awarded, at the bottom of this page the current projects.

More information
Phase: Closed
Organisation: NWO
Start call: 18 April 2017
Ending call: 05 September 2017
Available budget: 5,2 million
dr. Astrid Zuurbier Program manager NWO


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