Perfect Fit: Targeting key risk factors for cardiovascular disease in at-risk individuals using a personalized and adaptive approach

It has long been known that smoking and insufficient exercise are important risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, it is difficult to stop smoking or to start exercising, even for people who do want to do so. One reason for this is that support from a healthcare provider is not always available when it is most needed.

In this project, a highly personalized and flexible method is developed that supports people to stop smoking and exercise. By means of advanced analysis of existing and newly collected data, it will be investigated which coaching advice works best for whom. These recommendations are then communicated to the person who wants to stop smoking or move more through a 'virtual coach'. We look for ways to ensure that the communication is as close as possible to the person's needs. The virtual coach is easily accessible and always available and can therefore offer support at any time in daily life. We will investigate whether this approach actually helps people to live healthy lives, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Prof.dr.N.H.Chavannes (Leiden University Medical Center)


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