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The call Data-driven Research for Banking & Insurance was looking for researchers who formulated a consortium application for the research programme Data-driven Research for Banking & Insurance.

This industrial partnership programme focuses on Big Data research and innovation in the banking and insurance sectors.

Big Data is one of the core themes of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda ICT 2016-2019. The Commit2Data research programme serves as an important catalyst for Big Data research in the Netherlands, which is of crucial importance within the Top Sectors policy.

This call for proposals focuses on research and development of disruptive solutions for big data issues, data analytics and related ICT methods to address innovative and cross-sectoral scientific challenges as described in Commit2Data.

Entering this call is no longer possible. Allocation has taken place. More information about the projects will soon be available on this website.

This call is closed

The projects have been awarded, at the bottom of this page the current projects.

More information
Phase: Gesloten
Organisation: NWO
Ending call: 26 May 2016
Available budget: 1 mln


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