Cybersecurity - Digital security and privacy

This financing instrument offers the possibility to carry out fundamental and practice-oriented cyber security research within one project. A consortium is formed for the application, in which at least one recognised knowledge institution and at least one non-academic private co-funder participates.


With this call for proposals, NWO aims to meet the need to facilitate chain-wide research cooperation in the field of cyber security. The Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA III), drawn up under the leadership of the Dutch Cybersecurity Platform for Higher Education and Research (dcypher), forms the basis for this call.

The agenda stimulates multidisciplinary cooperation, for example in computer science, technology, social sciences and the humanities, but monodisciplinary project proposals can also be financed with this instrument.

Within a project, it is possible to carry out more practice-oriented research in collaboration with a researcher at a university of applied sciences. Project proposals must make a substantial contribution to (one or more of) the five pillars of NCSRA III:

  1. Design,
  2. Defence,
  3. Attacks,
  4. Governance en
  5. Privacy.

For whom

Applications may be submitted on behalf of consortia with at least one researcher (the lead applicant) and, where applicable, co-applicants (WO, HBO) and at least one private co-funder. An applicant must hold a Master's degree or equivalent and must participate in the project.

The lead applicant and co-applicants must hold a PhD and/or be a professor at a Dutch university and have an appointment at an NWO recognised knowledge institution, the Netherlands Forensic Institute or a university of applied sciences for at least the duration of the project.

Researchers from universities of applied sciences must have sufficient experience in the research field concerned and in supervising scientific research, and can only act as co-applicants.

Size and budget of the projects

Within a multidisciplinary domain-crossing application, a minimum of two and a maximum of three temporary scientific positions can be applied for (PhD or postdoc).

For monodisciplinary or multidisciplinary projects within one domain, a minimum of one and a maximum of two temporary scientific positions may be applied for.

For both variants, personnel costs can also be financed for university researcher(s) and non-scientific personnel, each up to a maximum of € 100,000.

  • The deadline for submitting (obligatory) pre-entries is 24th of january 2019, 14:00 uur CE(S)T.
  • The deadline for submitting complete applications is 16th of april 2019, 14:00 uur CE(S)T.

Assessment criteria

  1. Scientific quality of the research proposal (35%)
  2. Quality of the consortium (35%)
  3. Relevance and use of knowledge (30%)


The submission of a pre-notification is mandatory. It will be checked for appropriateness and admissibility. All applications will be submitted to independent, international sponsors for evaluation. The applicant is then given the opportunity to respond to the anonymised comments/recommendations by means of a written reply.

An assessment committee set up by domain boards SGW and ENW will assess the submitted applications and the related documents (sponsor reports and replies) in mutual coherence and on its own merits on the basis of the assessment criteria belonging to this call for proposals.

The NWO Domain Management Board SGW will decide on the honoration and rejection of the applications on the basis of the honoring/prioritization advice of the assessment committee.

The application form can be downloaded on the website of NWO.

This call is closed

The projects have been awarded, at the bottom of this page the current projects.

More information
Phase: Open voor aanvragen
Organisation: NWO
Start call: 19 October 2018
Ending call: 24 January 2019
Available budget: 5,5 mln Euro


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