Big Data plays an increasingly important role in the innovation of services, products, work processes and business models. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data, Dutch economic growth is strengthened. To further develop the use of Big Data, Commit2Data was created: a multi-year national research and innovation program based on public-private partnerships (PPP).

Innovation requires high-quality knowledge and collaboration

Commit2Data offers an excellent opportunity to discover new business models and opportunities. The growing international program focuses on specific application areas such as Smart Industry, energy issues, care challenges and logistics. Three primary program lines are used: research, valorisation and dissemination.

Within the Commit2Data program, themes and calls are constantly being developed. By means of Big Data Hubs, Commit2Data reaches and serves specific ecosystems.

Commit2Data ambitions:

· Breakthrough in applications

· Stimulating excellence in research

· Apply research in public-private partnerships

· Strengthen the involvement of small and medium-sized businesses

· Developing talent: more data specialists at all levels

· Strengthen data knowledge and applications in the Netherlands

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