Transient apps

Digital data and content knowledge are stored, in very large amounts. In line with this trend, more than 1,000,000+ apps are available in the different app stores, which creates challenges for users in selecting relevant apps and app suppliers in presenting relevant apps to users.

TNO has a promising proof of principle of a technology, called Transient Apps, which has the potential to take a big step forward in solving this challenge. Transient apps is a new way of building and distributing apps for mobile devices. Transient Apps are lightweight apps that can come from anywhere and are automatically downloaded and executed on your mobile device whenever they are relevant for you.

Further developing the Transient App platform introduces two major challenges: Determining which Transient Apps are currently relevant to the user, and installing and uninstalling Transient Apps on the users mobile device. This TKI project will focus on answering these research questions from a technical and deployment perspective. By making use of a living lab research approach real-life context will be taken into consideration throughout the development of Transient Apps.

The research questions are the following;

Research question 1: How to effectively collect and match relevant context information

Research question 2: What technology should be used to build Transient Apps and how to implement a microservice architecture?

Research question 3: What are market requirements regarding Transient Apps and what does this mean for the technical development of Transient Apps?

Research question 4: Which business intelligence needs to be generated for the Transient Apps platform?

Meer informatie
Titel project: Transient apps

Programma: Commit2Data-Programma

Organisatie: TNO

Looptijd: Closed (2016)

Partners: TNO, KPN BV, Emansion


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