Products designed for mass-production do not match many people’s personal needs, often, an exact and personalised fit is essential.

Next UPPS - Integrated design methodology for Ultra Personalised Products and Services

Emerging digital technologies like 3D scanners, cloud services, and advanced manufacturing enable true ‘mass personalisation’. At present, there is a lack of design methods for such personalised production; to combine emerging digital fabrication technologies to design.

Next UPPS sets out to develop an integrated design methodology for Ultra-Personalised Products and Services (UPPS), which will lead to valuable solutions for complex digital design workflows. In a unique interdisciplinary collaboration with the Dutch manufacturing industry and design studios, we will drive the transfer of knowledge and tools from the lab to production.

This project encompasses three longitudinal case studies: sleep-enhancing respiration masks, protective workwear against hazards, and fitting shoes for safety and beyond. The end results of this project will ensure that Mass personalisation will become a new trend as easy-to-use design tools immediately involve end-users in the design practice.

Meer informatie
Titel project: Next UPPS

Programma: Commit2Data-Programma

Organisatie: NWO

Looptijd: In progress

Mede-projectleiders: Dr. ir. J.C. Verlinden MSc

Partners: Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Industrieel Ontwerpen, Design Engineering

Projectmiddelen: € 804.308


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