Accelerating Mass Personalization

This project aims at development of personalized implants to improved accuracy of reconstructive surgery. A crucial prerequisite for successful application of digital fabrication in orthopedics is the availability of accurate 3D information of structure and function of the bone and surrounding soft tissue.

Accelerating Mass Personalization in Orthopedics facilitated by Machine Learning and Bone MRI-based Digital Fabrication.

Recent advancements in quantitative MRI and machine learning enable characterization of both soft tissue and bone in terms of structure, type and function. 3D printing of bone segments, implants and tools will enable effective preoperative planning by virtual operation, which helps to reduce the duration of surgery, anesthesia exposure and operative risks.

Digital fabrication of direct fit titanium implants enforce accurate positioning and fixation of bone segments, improving clinical practice with smaller and easier operations that promote faster healing, shorter hospitalization and reducing costs. These advancements will open up possibilities for new treatment applications within the growing niche of 3D printing in the orthopedic surgery domain.

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Meer informatie
Titel project: Accelerating Mass Personalization

Programma: Commit2Data-Programma

Organisatie: NWO

Looptijd: In progress (t/m 2021)

Mede-projectleiders: Dr. ir. P.R. Seevinck

Partners: Universiteit Utrecht Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, Radiologie, Radiotherapie en Nucleaire Geneeskunde

Projectmiddelen: € 846.072


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