Commit2Data has developed a comprehensive valorization program. This program will consist of several separate but connected parts. The purpose of this program is to support the Commit2Data projects and project members in their valorization process and give the individual participants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills to better valorize their research. An important part of the Commit2Data valorization program is a series of masterclasses. We herewith announce the first of these masterclasses. We happily invite project consortium members to participate.

Date: 10 december 2019, 9:30 – 17:00h

We all know about the importance of valorisation by now, but successful valorisation initiatives originate from the creativity, curiosity and motivation of individual researchers, which will lead to interesting research results. What will be the next step towards gaining impact with these results in society? To answer this question Commit2Data invites you to a series of 3 full day masterclasses on ‘How to Valorise’:

The masterclasses will follow the 7 step approach outlined in the book ‘How to Valorise your research’ by Alain le Loux, Bart Brouwer and Rogier de Haan as described below.

Each masterclass will consist of an inspiring keynote, a lecture on the topic and workshop to use the knowledge in the field. The last part of each masterclass will consist of a training.

December 10th we will start with the first masterclass on Valorisation opportunities, IP management and team creation. Part 2: Value creation and funding the dream will follow in the first quarter of 2020 and finally part 3: Starting the business, networking and sales will start in Q2/2020.


Please register for this masterclass by sending an email to before November 30th, 2019. Please note that this masterclass is only accessible for members of the Commit 2 Data consortia and if less than 12 participants have registered we will postpone this session from 10 December to Q1 of 2020.


10:00 - Opening by chairman Prof. Dr. Ir. Boudewijn Haverkort

10:15 - Keynote - The value of data by Anatoli Babic

11:00 - Lecture - Valorisation Opportunities by Alain le Loux

11:45 - Workshop – Personal drivers and passion by Rogier de Haan

12:30 - LUNCH

13:30 - Lecture - IPR & Team creation by Rogier de Haan

14:15 - Workshop Team Creation by Alain le Loux & Liselotte Feenstra

15:00 - TEA / COFFEE

15:15 - Training Barret Values – driving culture by Liselotte Feenstra

16:45 - Wrap-up By Alain and Rogier




Anatoliy is a real Mathlete and cofounder of SciSports. SciSports Improvement uses theoretical scientific models and best-practices from the business world to eliminate scouting inefficiencies in the world of soccer. With this model it is possible to prevent mistakes and improve decisions by not selecting the best player, but the player that will contribute the most to the current team. Besides his activities for SciSports, Anatoliy works as a Trader for Optiver and is occasional speaker at events.


Liselotte is Innovation and Development manager at Wolters Kluwer. Solutions to make the daily work process of our customers easier is driving my work. With changing project teams, I make business cases, analyzes, calculations and investigate whether my solutions are commercially feasible. It is super cool to be involved from the beginning to the end in product development, and if our end product is successful in the market. Creating the right team for the job has become one of my personal passions.


Alain le Loux MSc. MBA studied in the period 1989-1994 Computer Science and Technology Management at the University of Twente. Then followed a long career within PinkRoccade: started as a consultant and since 1999 in various management and executive positions. In 2008, Alain le Loux was asked as CEO of Virobuster Technologies. Alain le Loux is linked to Novel-T (Kennispark Twente) as business accelerator and the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT ICTLabs), where he has coached the past 5 years in Europe more than 100 ICT startups.


Rogier de Haan is a driven Business Developer. He started his career as a member of the M&A team for the fast growing Irish Cement and Roadstone Holding (CRH plc.). In 2008 he was appointed as Director a.i. at the IT company Gemgids to restructure the organization and put it back on track again. In 2015 the organization have been sold after serious growth and being profitable again. Rogier de Haan is linked to Novel-T (Kennispark Twente) as Business Developer and supported several spin-off companies in their path to the market.

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